Day 13- Owning a Kawaii Shop


This is where I call home for 11 hours a day. Mall hours are notoriously long.

It’s been a while since I blogged last. I have been very busy attending to my new business which is located in an entertainment based mall in Massachusetts. I currently rent a “cart” or portable kiosk if you will. It is serving its’ purpose, but I dream of having an actual store someday. There are pluses and minuses of having a cart type business. Right now the main plus is the low rent and consistent foot traffic which flows by from the nearby movie theatre to the Autobahn Speedway and other shops or cafes etc.

I am meeting tons of kawaii enthusiasts. Who knew there were so many people out there who love kawaii like I do! It is exciting to get positive feedback from them and I love to hear their suggestions. I feel like I should take what my customers say seriously. Afterall, my business is nothing without them.

Here a few highlights of products on my cart:


Pens, stationery, solar bobble toys, and succulents!

20170913_202042 (2).jpg

Banana cats!

20170913_202016 (1).jpg

One thing I have to say about being in this business is the colorfulness and cheerful nature of the products tend to project a very happy and positive vibe. I think that is what I want to put out into the world. I am glad to see the happiness my business seems to bring people.


Cute Online Japan Shop based in New England. Kawaii products from Japan and Korea. Jewelry, Backpacks, Plushies, Squishies, K-Pop merchandise, Licensed anime lines, Pokemon from Korea.

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