Kawaii Jewelry- So Many Options!

If you are somewhat familiar with the world of kawaii fashion, you know that there are different genres and off shoots from Lolita, to Fairy Kei, Decora, to Dolly Kei. This variety of style is definitely reflected in the variety of kawaii jewelry and I am confidant that whichever style you are into you can find something to suit your taste.

Today’s blog will focus cute necklaces:

This adorable Sugarbunnies Fairy Kei style necklace is one of a kind! Check out the designer’s blog here. Love the soft pastels!


Courtesy Kawaii Jewlery on Store Envy


I thought this one looked “yummy”. It’s a chocolate cookie cat with rainbow filling


Courtesy Lyssa’s Miniatures- Hand made kawaii style creations!


This deep pink bunny necklace really pops!


Check out CreaBia’s Tictail Store. Super cute creations!

For Gothic Lolita or Steampunk style this choker seems to put edge and romance together nicely. Loving the fringe element!


Courtesy Falafala on Tictail

This next necklace is decora style and it features colorful miniature foods in a clear resin heart.


Courtesy Maz’s Boutique on Etsy

These are just a few hand made kawaii necklaces available online. Hope you enjoyed my picks! What type of necklaces do you like? What style of kawaii fashion are you into?


Cute Online Japan Shop based in New England. Kawaii products from Japan and Korea. Jewelry, Backpacks, Plushies, Squishies, K-Pop merchandise, Licensed anime lines, Pokemon from Korea.

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