Cute Clothing Picks

Here are some cute things to wear for the summer to fall transition! I love the cheerful yellow with contrasting pale pink and black of this Tokidoki Gudetama t-shirt! This would look so cute paired beneath a blazer or denim jacket.


For the more elegant approach and in light of all things astrological -I’m thinking Mercury Retrograde ;)- here is a gorgeous flowy dress that would look awesome as is, or with a soft sweater or shawl, for evening wear, or a night out. This designer is amazing. Check her out, she does a lot of Lolita style fashion.

beautiful.jpegCourtesy SA Design by SASA

I just love the simplicity of black and white. This skirt could work with so many colored tops or blouses and could be paired with cute leggings.


Courtesy of  Harajuku Complex

Imagine wearing this around campus. You’d get soooo many compliments. Then again, I am such a sucker for plaid!


Courtesy of Kimono Zulu

This is the kimono reimagined! Wow, this designer is very talented!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this quick smattering of kawaii fashion. I feel inspired to liven up my look. Do you? Up next….jewelry picks!


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