Opening a Kawaii Shop

For over a year I have run a kawaii merchandise website. Yesterday, I met with a leasing agent at a mall and I agreed to sign a lease next week for a kiosk in their food court. I am really excited, but super nervous at the same time. Sure, it is a risk. Still, it is time to take my business to the next level. I am looking forward and staying positive. I hope my enthusiasm for kawaii style will spill over to others. I was inspired by this couple’s story from Japan. I’m glad they followed their dream!


Merchandise at Monster Cafe in Harajuku (photo courtesy of Shards of Blue)

Having a physical shop rather than just a website is going to be an interesting transition. I got great feedback after having a booth at Anime Boston in April. I realized that with some things in life it may be better to actually feel and see an item before you purchase it. I am very interested in design and color and made my booth at the convention as funky and fun as I could. People loved it! I plan on being there in 2018.


A few shots of my booth at Anime Boston 2017 (I had only found out I got in a few days before, long story…)

For five years I have propagated and grown succulents and cacti in my small greenhouse located in Western Massachusetts. Just last year I got the idea to combine my love of these easy to care for plants with my love of Japanese culture, particularly kawaii style. I showcased adorable succulents in cute animal flower pots in Boston and at my roadside stand and it was a big hit.


My roadside stand- I also paint terracotta pots in colorful designs!

I plan on offering the cute succulents at my new mall location. They seem to make people smile and we need more of that in this world! This mall is undergoing a major shift from primarily a movie theater/retail venue to one focused on entertainment. For instance, there is a huge indoor motor speedway, a retro style roller rink, a Cinemark Movie theater, an arcade, a laser tag, a gaming maze, and a bowling alley due to open in the fall.

Well, needless to say this is an exciting journey for me. I will be posting updates as they happen.20170401_154244 (1)

Me in my Jigglypuff hat


Cute Online Japan Shop based in New England. Kawaii products from Japan and Korea. Jewelry, Backpacks, Plushies, Squishies, K-Pop merchandise, Licensed anime lines, Pokemon from Korea.

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